Since 1980 we have the been the leading experts in air purification. Providing our customers access to the clean air that they need. Eliminating any pollutants that are presently occupying unwanted airspace. 


Our Mission

Medi-Air Inc. manufactures the only air purification systems available for clients in need of customized air quality equipment. With our systems, our clients find relief from their moderate allergies to severe respiratory illnesses and breathe easier knowing they are in good hands. It is no wonder people have depended on the Medi-Air brand as imperative to their day-to-day life and well-being for over three decades. With our diverse range of products, we have made it our company's mission to carry the same level of indoor air quality excellence we provide in our systems in everything we do.

We strive every day to help in the awareness of respiratory illness and the overall significance of air quality for the human race, while providing preventative measures and means of giving back to protect people as the global air quality conditions continue to worsen. 

Our Vision 

Medi-Air Inc. looks to provide a quality of life for our customers in-which every breath is free of pollutants and concern . In a world filled with carbon emissions, carcinogenic dust, smoke and gas we feel it is our duty to protect the lungs of everyone we can.  It is our concern - let us think about it so you don't have to. It is what we do and we will continue to do.

Medi-Air helped us dramatically decrease the amount of sick days within our business. Through their helpful and knowledgable services we were able to increase efficiency and help our employees breathe better.


What We've Achieved

  • Clean Air Efficiency of up to 99.995%
  • Suitable Indoor Air Quality for Clean Rooms used in Hospitals and Manufacturing 
  • Advanced and Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Testing and diagnostic
  • Comprehensive and Formal IAQ Reports
  • Compliance with Government Regulations and Labour Union Requirements.
  • Containment of Airborne Pollutants: Dusts, Smoke, Gas, Mold Spores, TCE, Asbestos, Carcinogenic and Radioactive Materials
  • Better Quality of Life for Everyone