Our customers aren't wrong. 

The unique aspect of our business model that has helped us in attaining a loyal customer base, that stretches over thirty years, is our customized filter media make-up and close attention to detail - partnered with an impeccable air purification product that stands the same test of time.

By analyzing the Indoor Air Quality thoroughly we are able to determine exactly what is in the air, how much of it is there and the level of harm associated with those pollutants present.  

Backed by this information our team is able appropriately customize the different layers of filter media used to capture and collect what we have diagnosed with the help of our reputable air purifiers. 

After purchasing yearly filter replacements over the past 25 years for the Tibbits air cleaner from Medi-Air Inc. I can say that it has been one of the best personal investments I have ever made!

All MERV, HEPA, Polyester, Felt, UV Light and activated carbons available 

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